UpperKuts Boxing Class

Our most popular class! Our classes play upbeat music to go along with the workout and on some days we have a live DJ. 60-minutes of sweat-inducing, boxing and conditioning class. This circuit-style class is packed with boxing and high intensity interval training (HIIT) circuits meant to take your boxing skills and cardiovascular endurance to the next level. Prepare to hit the heavy bags, jump rope, do strength-work, and feel amazing! Please wear wraps and bring your gloves!

*No gloves or wraps? No problem! We sell and rent wraps and gloves. Please inquire at the front desk.

AGES: 14 +  //  CLASS CAPACITY: 20 people  //  DURATION: 1 hr

What to expect

15 min warm up
(agility ladder, jump rope, dynamic stretching) 
30 min of boxing

(a variety of combinations on the heavy bag  
15 min strength + conditioning

(calisthenics, core, dynamic stretching)

We provide hand wraps and gloves. (We recommend purchasing hand wraps for those who frequent the class). Instructors will assist anyone with hand wrapping and will guide you with boxing techniques from start to finish!