UpperKuts Boxing Club’s Group Training is dedicated to providing a structured environment for individuals who want to enjoy a fun filled productive workout. For some, the cost of Personal Training can be on the high side. To them we highly recommend Group training. Our certified trainers in Group Training Session will design SMART goals for faster and better results.

Why opt for Group Training?

There are certain advantages of Group Training, which are hard to find in Personal Training like the time availability of your choice and the cost per session. 

In a Group Session, not only you will benefit the time of your choice (and of your group partners), but also the cost per session will be significantly low too without eliminating the advantages of Personal Training.

Affordable cost per session

Group Training cost a fraction of Personal training. A reputed personal trainer in Ashland would easily charge up nearly 100$ (sometimes even more) per hour whereas his expertise, knowledge and attention can be acquired for nearly 15$ in group training where 6 – 7 individuals can be accommodated who already have great camaraderie with each other.

But the pros don’t stop there as in Group Training Session, participants need not have to follow the same workout and routine but every individual can have their personalized program monitored by our fitness instructor. The sense of community (due to a limited number of people) also brings out the best in people.

The feeling of “Someone is monitoring me every second” can be awkward for many people during the personal training. At Group Training, every individual will be able to access the instructor’s advice without such an uncomfortable feeling.

People rub off with each other’s energy in the Group Training which pumps up their adrenaline for more intense and sweaty workout.

The camaraderie between the individuals makes the group training workout much more productive and invigorating.

 You can enjoy the workout with your friends and family members in the Group training session, which will ensure the following: - 

1.    Realistic goals

2.    Being Accountable

3.    Time efficient

4.    Challenging workouts

5.    Fun filled and highly productive environment

6.    Bit of privacy as the number of people in a group is very low (nearly six).

People who benefit tremendously from our Group Training

Although our Group Training is open for people from all walks of life, it is perfectly apt for Bride, Bridesmaid, grooms and Groomsmen. The excitement of wedding not only makes the atmosphere joyous but also encourages everyone to work harder.

Sports team who want to prepare for events can also enroll in our group training sessions where they would be provided with specific workouts and diet to perform incredibly well in their tournaments.

Our certified instructors ensure that every group training workout session will be different. The perfect mix of cardio and muscle building exercises will benefit all the participants massively.

 Group Training is perfect for individuals who are looking to reap the following benefits 

1.        Develop a toned body

2.        Want to get in shape or to perform well in an upcoming sports event.

3.        An invigorating environment with known individuals (work out partners)

4.        Not running out of breath after doing miniscule cardio workout

 Many of our Ashland Massachusetts clients are enrolled in Group Training since the cost per hour is significantly lower while the benefits are more than the Personal training sessions. Looking to buy our Group Training packages? Give us a call at 508-861-7368 and one of our team members will get back to you.

AGES: all ages  //  DURATION: 30 min or 1 hour times available  //  GROUP SESSIONS: only 2-6 people per group