Whether you’re a beginner who’s never stepped foot in a gym before, someone who is coming back into the gym after an injury or post-rehab, are looking for weight loss guidance, are pregnant or post-partum, or an athlete trying to improve performance, UpperKuts Personal Training program gives you completely customized training and nutritional guidance to take you to the next level and beyond. Complete with a health assessment that evaluates your movement, posture, and fitness, the personal trainers at UpperKuts will ensure that you achieve your results by taking into account your starting point, your personal goals and preferences, & the type of exercise program that fits your lifestyle. The Ashland and Metrowest communities are highly active, and we’ve built our Personal Training program around the wants and needs of those in our communities. You have many options when it comes to Personal Training, but the quality, experience, and efficacy of our Personal Trainers and Personal Training programs are what sets us far above the rest. The UpperKuts Personal Trainers mission and beliefs lie in a realistic, attainable, & fun approach that allows you to be YOU, while reaching your wildest fitness dreams!

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AGES: all ages  //  DURATION: 30 min or 1 hour times available