AGES: 14 +  //  CLASS CAPACITY: 20 people  //  DURATION: 1 hr

Raise the level of your fitness bar with the Boxing Boot Camp organized by UpperKuts Boxing in Ashland Massachusetts.

When it comes to combining the boxing class and circuit training, no other Boot camp comes at par with us. With years of experience, we have identified the unique set of circuit training exercises for every size, built and goals, and coupled that along with the Boxing classes, and you are sure to receive exemplary results.

With our affordable membership plans, you will be provided with the top-notch boxing gears and will have access to an assortment of machines for circuit training.

Tire work, jump ropes, resistance training, heavy bags, punching drills, plyometric, cardio intervals; Name it, and we surely have it in our Boxing Boot Camp at Ashland Massachusetts.

The workouts will be mighty intensive, but you will gladly enjoy sweating out along with other individuals. The drills and exercises are aimed to condition the entire body and not just one or two muscle groups.

Challenging the mind and body

Fall in love with the idea of pushing your core beliefs to the max. Our instructors are not only certified but knows how to push the right buttons of an individual to help him achieve his fitness goals. They will educate you about the proper exercise and diet so that you gain noticeable results within a couple of months.

No matter where you stand at the fitness level, you will surely derive benefits, and if you are endeavored to reach the pinnacle of your fitness level, our instructors will gladly pay extra attention to you.

Latest Training Regimes

Whether you are an amateur or wanting to become a professional, we have no dearth of exercises that will help you reach your goal. At our Boxing Boot Camp, you will undergo a unique training regimen that pros go through. Our highly skilled and experienced boxing instructors are incredibly cheerful and motivating, and they will make no stone unturned in extracting the best effort out from you. We promise that after the successful completion of Boxing Boot Camp, you will gaze yourself in the mirror for the amazing fitness transformation that you will achieve during your time with UpperKuts Boxing club.

Not only you will be able to throw and dodge the punches with ease, but your athletic performance will increase too. The intangible benefits of increased self-esteem and self-confidence will immensely aid you in other areas of your life also.

Our Boxing Boot camps aim to provide a fun yet challenging environment where participants can get advice from qualified instructors. The workouts are challenging, and you will much enjoy the atmosphere with several like-minded individuals.

Come and have a preview

If you are looking to improve your fitness but apprehensive about joining, you are more than welcomed here and watch our ongoing boxing boot camp to know what it feels like. You will also be able to gauge the quality of our boxing instructors. We also offer private sessions for a one on one laser-focused training which includes both boxing as well as Circuit training exercises.

What to expect

15 min warm up
(agility ladder, jump rope, dynamic stretching) 
30 min of boxing

(a variety of combinations on the heavy bag  
15 min strength + conditioning

(calisthenics, core, dynamic stretching)

We provide hand wraps and gloves. (We recommend purchasing hand wraps for those who frequent the class). Instructors will assist anyone with hand wrapping and will guide you with boxing techniques from start to finish!