UpperKuts Boxing employs a plethora of Circuit Training Exercises which improves agility and hand-eye coordination. It is one of the overlooked methods that can notch up the fitness level of a body to a whole new level. If you desire to get leaner with aesthetic proportions, then Circuit training is your best option.


Reasons for opting for Circuit Training

Timely efficient:
Circuit training involves exercises one after the other, sometimes without a gap in between so that you don’t have a chance to catch up your breathing. Amplifying your endurance levels and, creating a process called intermittent hypoxia, which strengthens your cardiovascular health significantly.

The exercises compiled in a Circuit Training session are designed to make you ripped. Every exercise will burn up a significant amount of calories within a short span of time.

Muscle endurance:
Contrary to the popular belief, Circuit Training will strengthen your muscles. They may not bulk you up, but they will deliver that suave athletic build along with an attractive muscle tone.

Full Body Workout:
Want to target every muscle group for aesthetic proportions, Circuit training at Ashland Massachusetts will enable you to achieve that with ease. Our instructors stay up to date with current and trending exercises that will benefit you much more than you expect.

The most beneficial:
If you are looking for a set of exercises that will subtract those extra pounds, then look at none other than UpperKuts Boxing’s Circuit training exercises in Ashland Massachusetts. After years of experience, trial and error, we have designed a set of activities for every age group.

Perfect for workaholics:
If your work requires too much of your time and energy, then Circuit Training exercises are your best bet since they are time efficient and yield you more than the traditional workout. UpperKuts Boxing’s Circuit training exercises combine strength and aerobic routine into a single workout.

Fun, playful yet challenging:
Gone are the days when an exercise has to be dull and monotonous. Our instructors have set up a vibrant and uplifting atmosphere where every workout will make you want to sweat out. 

Not only will you enjoy the physical benefits but the mere thought of a friendly and cheerful atmosphere at our Ashland Massachusetts location will make you want to jump out of your comfort zone (your bed) in the early morning hours.

Beneficial for all ages and sizes:
Whether you are a beginner whose desire is mainly to get in shape, or an experienced adult who wants to have a prominent athletic build, our set of exercises will without a doubt present you with noticeable results in only a couple of months. After careful trials, errors, experiences and analysis over a decade of work, we have found a unique and productive way to fulfill your fitness goals no matter your age or experience with our Circuit Training Classes.

CLASS CAPACITY: 20 people //  DURATION: 45min