4-14 years old  //  CAPACITY: 15 kids max, co-ed  //  DURATION: 1 hour

Pre-teens and teenage is the time when kids are incredibly susceptible to new things. This is the right time for them to enhance their physical as well as mental aspect. 

UpperKuts Boxing conducts youth boxing classes at Ashland, Massachusetts which imparts basic boxing training to kids with the aim of providing mental and physical conditioning.

In our Youth Boxing classes, kids will learn the basic skills of boxing and techniques like stance, cross, jab, hook. Not only that, to make the session more fun and productive, kids will also participate in cardio calisthenics, shadow boxing, partner drills (which teaches coordination) and other core strengthening exercises.

Self-confidence and Self Esteem

If there is a sport which does a world of good to your confidence, Boxing would easily top the charts. It teaches hard values of life such as work ethic, discipline and raises the productivity, strength, stamina, endurance of an individual which gives them an advantage over their peers in aspects of their professional as well as personal life.

Fighting against the bullying

According to reputed surveys, one in every four kid in the USA suffers from bullying. The inability to stand up for yourself often attracts the bully’s attention. Learning boxing will not only make you stronger but will also stray away the unwanted attention of the wrong kids.

Fitness Regime

The youth boxing class helps in building a solid fitness foundation. For a kid who aspires to be a pro, our qualified and certified trainers have their own eyes to spot an emerging talent.

More than an athlete, we nurture the kids to become strong-minded individuals

Kids are unaware of the competitive scenarios in every aspect of life. They need a mentor who can instill values required for achieving success into their susceptible minds. 

The kids who benefit the most from our youth Boxing classes are the introvert and shy ones. Boxing compels them to come out of the shackles of shyness and fear. With daily practice, the newly acquired fearlessness and decisiveness habit get permanently grained into their personalities, and they progress by leaps and bounds in whichever field they choose to embark their journey on in adulthood.

A Dream

If you think that your kid has an appetite and talent to become a amateur boxer, our instructors can hone his/her skills beyond the limits. As teenagers have very few negative beliefs, therefore their mind and perception is easily malleable and can be sculpted to become a champion later on. 

More than the physical aspect, it’s about the mind and our entire team will play a pivotal role in nourishing the mental aspect of your kid so that he/she can fulfil his dream of competing at the highest level.

Come and join us!

We welcome you to bring along your kids to see the youth boxing class in action. It will give you an idea about the environment. Our staff people will let you know about the upcoming batches for youth boxing.

what to expect

15 minute warm up
(jumping jacks, drills)
30 minutes of boxing
(with the mitts or on the heavy bag)
15 minute cool down
(tug of war, simon says, etc)