UpperKuts Boxing Club might be a boxing gym, but if you choose not to box no need to worry! Life throws certain situations where one needs specialized attention and help. This goes for physical fitness too. At UpperKuts Boxing, we acknowledge that and hence provide personal training where our certified trainers will work one on one to help you accomplish your fitness goals.

Assessing your goals and need

Looking to accomplish fitness goals for specific reasons? May be you are willing to participate in a marathon, or wants to look your best for the wedding, be assured that our personal trainers will help you with your goals with a workout plan designed solely based on your needs.

With our personal training, we will provide customized solutions for the diet and exercises. You could be an athlete, an amateur, a fitness maniac, someone who wants to regain strength and fitness after an injury, or a just a normal folk who wants to elevate his fitness levels; our trainers will assess your needs and will lay out a perfect exercise and diet plan which will help you to achieve your fitness goals within the stipulated time frame. 

Our personal trainers will help you with the following: - 

1.  General Fitness

2.  Accountability

3.  Marathon Training

4.  Increasing stamina

5.  Regaining strength after injury

6.  Developing a strong core

7.  Programs for specific sports

Personal training for men, women and Teens

In this superficial world, it essential to have a fit and agile body. Not only it increases your self-confidence but opens up many opportunities in professional and personal lives. Our one on one personal training is the perfect solution for men, women and teens who take pride in their appearance and want to achieve an envious shape.


Whether you aim to shed those extra pounds, build up strength, increase stamina for an upcoming race event, an extra dose of motivation is all you need to get in top shape. 

Different triggers work for different people. A few are able to carry out the exercises (which can be mundane many times) while others require plenty of motivation dosage. A personal trainer is apt for this. Not only are they well versed with the best exercises for the different body types, but they know how to motivate individuals so that they are fired up to exert their all energy in the workout.

 It’s a known fact that people do not want to feel complacent when they are monitored continuously by an external eye. Who could be a better eye than the personal trainer himself who will ensure that the individual is giving his/her more than 100% with the correct posture?

Finding the right exercises for you with background checkup

Before commencing on a fitness journey, our personal trainers do a thorough inspection of the client’s medical history. The review also includes assessing the lifestyle, the motivating factors and the current fitness levels.

Only after a thorough inspection, and keeping in view of the client’s fitness requirement, our trainers lay out the perfect workout plan. The diet chart is prepared with the help of a certified nutritionist.

Our personal trainers then leave no stone unturned so that you can get the very best from every workout. Each session will be customized to suit the client’s requirement.

Fine tuning for accelerating your progress

Even with the exercises laid out, our trainers will fine tune the workout in the following weeks by knowing what works best for you. Everybody is different, and therefore a one on one attention will accelerate your progress. Our time-efficient dedicated fitness solutions have already helped many individuals from different walks of life.

Tapping your potential

We firmly believe that every individual has an underlying reservoir of untapped potential. Whatever your fitness goals could be, we are firmly convinced that by following the right instructions, diet and exercises, you can achieve it. YOUR Success is indeed OURS. For more information, let us know your requirements for personal training at 508-861-7368, and our people will get back in touch with you.

AGES: all ages  //  DURATION: 30 min or 1 hour times available  //  GROUP SESSIONS: only 2-6 people per group