Kickstart your fitness journey with a top-notch women’s boxing class in Ashland, MA. Boxing classes, especially for women, will strengthen, tone, improve cardio with the added benefit of developing self-defense skills.

We are a professional boxing gym with state of the art facilities. Here at UpperKuts you will gain self-confidence, sportsmanship, work ethic, and more importantly, learn the self-defense techniques through our women’s fitness boxing coaching classes.

Boxing is hugely beneficial for women empowerment,raising self-esteem, and to build self-confidence. This is the same rigorous workout as competitive boxers, but without the sparring. At the end of this workout, you will be tired, but energized; and looking forward to your next class.  The results will amaze you.

This cardiovascular workout, starts with basic punches, stance, evasions and combos that will also stabilize your resting heart rate, i.e. you will enjoy a full body workout without the monotony. This is a fun and engaging way to jolt up your nervous system in the morning that will carry you through the day. You will meet a great bunch of like minded women who will motivate you to push your limits. 



It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or advanced.  The group dynamic enables them to inspire you, and you will inspire them.  We run all women’s boxing classes with a firm aim of combining the benefits of boxing exercises in a fun, playful and most importantly, engaging way. The upbeat music will extract every ounce of your effort into the workout.  You will feel rejuvenated after an intensive yet energizing session that will challenge you not just physically, but mentally as well.

Your stamina, speed, strength, balance and flexibility will skyrocket in no time. In addition, while your physical goals are being accomplished, you will notice the development of your newly established self-confidence as well as self-esteem.


These classes are ideally suited for new mommies where they can quickly shed the gained weight. However, the pros don’t stop there. Keeping a regular regimen will get you in the best shape of your life. Not only that, boxing can significantly prevent the postpartum depression that affects more than 80% of women. It has been clinically shown that regular exercise increases serotonin levels naturally. The spirit of this uplifting boxing workout at UpperKuts will benefit you in more ways than you can imagine.


All of us periodically need the right outlet to vent our pent-up emotions and frustrations. There is something about hitting the heavy bags with a full intensity that empowers us and awakens our raw instincts. The cathartic benefit of the boxing workout has to be experienced to fully appreciate.  Come and relieve some stress in a healthy way at our coaching session.


If there is an exercise that can propel weight loss, it is boxing. With our no-contact boxing classes, you can amaze yourself by shedding loads of calories in a short span of time. If you are looking to achieve a slimmer, attractive and a toned figure for your wedding, come and join us. We’ll work out a plan to help you achieve your goal.  Most of our sessions are capable of eliminating 700 calories per session. At our Boxing Fitness circuit, our trainers will enroll you for weight loss and tone improvement classes.

Come sweat with us and enjoy the endorphins flooding your system from our non-contact boxing while you gain strength, confidence and make some friends. What are you waiting for then? Come and begin your fitness journey.

What to expect

15 min warm up
(agility ladder, jump rope, dynamic stretching) 
30 min of boxing

(a variety of combinations on the heavy bag  
15 min strength + conditioning

(calisthenics, core, dynamic stretching)

We provide hand wraps and gloves. (We recommend purchasing hand wraps for those who frequent the class). Instructors will assist anyone with hand wrapping and will guide you with boxing techniques from start to finish!