Gym Member of the Month

Congratulations to Lauren Cunningham. August's Gym Member of the Month

Framingham resident, Lauren Cunningham, has consistently been crushing for her fitness goals and continues to improve her health with all of her hard work and determination. She pushes past her limits, is doing spectacular, and is a true inspiration to others! Congratulate Lauren the next time you see her in the club!

How long have you been training at UpperKuts and how did your hear about us? 
I started training at UpperKuts in October 2015. I was looking for a Boxing class in the area that not only catered to adults, but to kids too.  My daughters had shown an interest in boxing, and our friend Tony Penticost highly recommended UpperKuts.

Did you get the results you were hoping for from UpperKuts Boxing Club?  
The results I have seen since joining UpperKuts have by far exceeded my expectations. I have lost close to 30 lbs and have lost several inches from my chest, hips, waist, arms, and legs. Even better, I continue to see results. AJ motivates me to push myself harder and continue to reach my goals.   

Did you get more than you were expecting? If so, what other benefits have you noticed? 
I have a new found sense of pride. Pride in myself. And not just because of the results I've seen on the outside, but for the person I am becoming on the inside. I have become more self motivated, self confident, and overall happier. Boxing each day helps relieve all my stress. If I have a bad day, I can go in and take it all out on the bags. I leave each day feeling lighter, happier, stronger. My family sees the difference too. I am able to be a better wife, and mother. My daughters love to come to UpperKuts, even if it is just to watch me workout. Being an example and a role model for them is the greatest benefit that UpperKuts has given me!  

Prior to coming into UpperKuts, how did you view other Gyms and did you have any concerns regarding it?  
I think most people out there have a preconceived notion of what "going to the gym" is like. Giant guys grunting and lifting weights, and scantly clad women jogging on the treadmill. Walking into a Boxing Club can be intimidating to say the least. The moment I walked into UpperKuts, AJ greeted me and introduced me to all the other members that were there. I was immediately welcomed andtreated as part of the team.  The intimidation factor of being in a boxing club vanished. I have been to other gyms and taken other boxing classes prior to coming to UpperKuts. Those classes were just that, exercise classes. Great way to burn calories, but didn't teach you the proper way to box, or the many benefits boxing can provide you.  

Since being a client how has your understanding of fitness and your health changed? 
Since joining UpperKuts I have learned that health and fitness can be fun. Yes, do I push myself to my limits at each workout? Do I leave there with sweat dripping down my face? But I also leave each time with a smile on my face.

“I have become more self motivated, self confident, and overall happier.”

Along with working out being fun, AJ has given me advice and tools with my diet and eating habits at home. I am now able to curb the extreme hunger that I was challenged with when I first starting working out so hard and burning so many calories.

What do you like most about UpperKuts Boxing Club ? 
The atmosphere that has been created at UpperKuts is what I like the most. Each workout ends with us all telling one another words of encouragement and praise. We all truly workout together, motivate each other, and encourage each other. We support each other to reach our own individual goals.