4 Mindful things you should do to start your day


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4 Mindful Things You Should Do
to Start Your Day

How we wake up and what we do in the morning has a paramount impact on how the rest of our day unfolds. Being more mindful in the morning really helps the way we seize our day. Here are 4 things you can integrate into your morning routine that will help you become more mindful, self-compassionate, connected, and strong throughout your day.

Put your judgements aside and try to experiment with these small routines in your morning. Your morning experience will be your pilot. Even if you add one thing into your routine, it will make a difference.


1. A big yawn & a stretch

Your body has been asleep and laying down for the past, maybe, 7-8 hours. This can make you stiff and harder to move around in the morning. Release all of your tiredness through a big yawn. Then get out of bed, stretch your arms, stand up and touch your toes. Stretch out your back and release all tension and stiffness in your body.

2. Plan your first sounds

Do you wake up to a really loud and startling alarm? This can make your mind and body tense. Pick a more soothing alarm, whether it's relaxing music, sounds by the beach, whatever you choose. There are plenty of apps you can download to help you wake up in a soothing and relaxing way.

3. Hydrate before caffeine

Instead of going straight to the coffee pot or the tea kettle, drink a glass of water first. You just slept for a lot of hours so your body is dehydrated. Hydration is key. Take care of your body.

4. Take in fresh air & nature

Instead of going straight to your phone to check emails or social media, why not walk to your balcony, your deck, or outside and take in the fresh air and nature first. You have all day to bog your mind down with work and emails. Don’t put any chaos on your mind right when you wake up.