Gym Member of the Month!

Congratulations to Brianna Allen, January's Gym Member of the Month!


Brianna Allen is an Ashland resident who has been named January's Gym Member of the Month for her outstanding commitment at UpperKuts Boxing Club! Brianna first came to our booth at Ashland day and was interested in boxing classes for her son. She brought her son to try a free class and she ended up taking the adult circuit training class that night! Since then, she was hooked and made huge changes. As someone who works two jobs and is a full time mom, she still manages to make fitness a lifestyle by coming to our gym 5 to 6 days a week! She is an outstanding member of the gym and really encourages other members to push themselves past their limits. Congratulate her on here outstanding work and effort the next time you see her in the club!

Tell us a little about yourself.
I'm 25, I'm studying Business and Early Childhood at QCC in Worcester. Work two jobs and have a 5 year old son.

When did you join UpperKuts and why?
I joined at the end of September 2016. I started by signing up my son and I was curious about the circuit training classes. I had done this before and it worked and I enjoyed it so I wanted to get back to it. AJ told me I should try the adult boxing class. I wasn't sure at first but I went and now I go consistently 5-6 days a week.

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What is your favorite part of UK?
Simple, the environment. You always feel welcome and everyone is on your side. Everyone wants and encourages you to keep going and do better. If you're having an off day, there's always someone around you, telling you to keep going and keep working.

What was your level of fitness or activity prior to joining?
I was going to the gym on and off and not as much as I should have been. I would go for a few months and then get bored of it and stop. Its so much better at UK with the encouraging coaches and all the other supportive members

What were your fitness goals prior to joining UpperKuts?
I wanted to get strong, be more active, feel good about myself and get healthier.

How has boxing/fitness here at UpperKuts helped you achieve your goals?
Boxing, along with the other classes, helped me to be more confident with working out and with myself. It helps me to stay active and not quit because each workout is different and it never gets boring. Since I've started, I've loss pounds as well as inches and have more definition.

How do you motivate yourself to workout daily?
It does help that I live a two minute car ride away. It's super convenient. However, I have had nights that I had to talk myself into going. I think about what I would be doing if I don't go. Then, I think of the benefits of going and how good I'll feel afterwards!

Would you recommend UpperKuts Boxing Club to anyone?
Of course!

What would you tell them to expect when joining?
I would tell them to expect to put in work!