Gym Member of the Month

Congratulations to Palloma Jovita
December's Gym Member of the Month!

Palloma Jovita, a Framingham State University student, has been chosen as Decembers member of the month! Palloma has been with UpperKuts for a year and trains about 5 days a week at our gym. She has broken almost every goal she has made for her self. Her work ethic is exemplary. She attends both boxing classes and circuit training classes and even when it's over, she puts in extra work. The hard work has definitely been paying off. Her squats are at 200lbs and her planks are at 3 minutes! She is one of the most committed and diligent members here at UpperKuts Boxing Club. Congratulate Palloma on her achievements the next time you see her at the gym.

How long have you been training at UpperKuts and how did your hear about us?
I have been at UpperKuts for about a year now and I heard about it through my sister. She had started with AJ at another gym and followed him when he decided to open up UpperKuts Boxing Club.

Did you get the results you were hoping for from UpperKuts Boxing Club
Not only did I get the results I was hoping for but even better ones then what I wanted. Before starting at UpperKuts I had no muscle and no definition in my body. I wasn't overweight but I was far from being fit. I can't believe how much muscle I have gained and the definition of my body today. Also, how healthy I am. I always struggled with my blood pressure and it was amazing to hear the nurses say that they knew I worked out just by checking my blood pressure now. This is the fittest I have ever been.

How long have you been a client?
I have been a client since I started. Of course some months have been harder to come then others, but I have stayed with upperkuts through out the year.

female boxer training in class

Prior to coming into UpperKuts, how did you view other Gyms and did you have any concerns regarding it?
I have always had a hard time working out on my own at a regular gym. The best part about UpperKuts is having motivational coaches, pushing you to your limit. I had a really hard time being consistent at a regular gym and knowing what workouts to do, so it was hard for me to get results and keep them before.  

Since being a client how has your understanding of fitness and your health changed?
My understanding of fitness has changed in the sense I realize I can have fun and not stress about doing every work out perfectly. Since being a client, I have gained a new confidence with my fitness and health and I work out in a healthy way. I don't have to be stressed out about what to do to get my dream body and enjoy the journey. I now love to work out and it has become a huge part of my life. I don't think I would have found this new love to workout if it wasn't for UpperKuts. 

What do you like most about UpperKuts Boxing Club
What I like the most about being a member at UpperKuts is the feeling of having a small family. We really do come together to help each other and motivate each other. It's amazing because we are all so friendly and we are able to become good friends since it's a small business and not corporate owned. I always feel really safe and look forward to seeing everybody and having a fun time getting fit. Also, AJ and our other coaches are able to work with us on a one on one level which is really hard to do at bigger gyms.