UpperKuts Boxing Club has Mindfulness.

Here you can read more about our Health & Wellness Coach and why UpperKuts recommends Mindfulness.


Nicholas Fish

Health & Wellness Coordinator

Nicholas is a father, son, brother, and husband. Nicholas is also an advocate for fighting the stigma in the addiction and mental health field. Nicholas has climbed the "clinical ladder" with great success. In his time in this area, Nicholas has worked under great mentors and leaders. He began his career at Advocates under Noel Coakley ( LMHC). Noel introduced Nicholas to mindfulness and how it can help with everyday life. Nicholas then went and worked for the Department of Mental Health Forensic Unit. The training he received and certificates has allowed him to reach a high level of understanding. Nicholas works by your side and does not make suggestions or any "I" statements. It's a "we" mutual foundation. Nicholas is an advocate for individuals with a "label" and is proud of his work. Nicholas enjoy spending his spare time with his children, fighting the stigma and enjoys motorcycles.

Certificates & Training

  • Certified Peer Specialist (C.P.S)
  • Certified Mandated Reporter (C.M.R)
  • Mindfulness Based Therapy Facilitator
  • First AID/ CPR
  • Trauma Informed facilitator
  • Co-occurring disorder facilitator ( recovery model, non medical model)
  • Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)
  • Mindfulness Addiction Therapy Facilitator

Nick's Mindfulness Meditation class is held on Sunday's.

What is Mindfulness & Why it's Good for You


Mindfulness is a practice in which essentially means "paying attention on purpose". In the present moment you infuse qualities such as kindness, curiosity and acceptance. The past has already gone and can not be changed. Through being mindful, we discover how to live in the present moment in a enjoyable way rather than worrying about the past or being concerned about the future.

Typically, a misconception is that meditation is thinking about nothing. This is precociously the opposite. Mediation is paying attention in a systematic way in which you decide to focus on. We include awareness of your own thoughts.

In mindfulness meditation, you typically focus on one, or a combination of the following:

  • The feeling of your own breathing
  • Any one of your senses
  • Your body
  • Your thoughts or emotions
  • Whatever is most predominant in your awareness.