Gym Member of the Month

Congratulations to Jean-Dominique (JD) Anoh.
November's Gym Member of the Month!

JD is an Ashland resident and has been named November's Gym Member of the Month at UpperKuts Boxing Club! JD is one of the hardest working members at the gym, especially as a youth member. His work ethic has been outstanding. As a coach, from what I see, there is nothing this kid can't do. He is very dedicated at a young age – After school, he goes home, does his homework then runs to the gym for 5pm and is never a minute late. After he puts in his time with me and boxing, his father or mother picks him up and brings him straight to football. His hard work in school and extra curricular activities certainly shows. JD is a pleasure to coach and one of the best athletes and students I've met. Keep up the hard work! It will all pay off.

How do you feel about becoming gym member of the month?
I feel very honored and excited that I became the gym member of the mouth

Why did you choose UpperKuts Boxing Club?
I chose UpperKuts boxing gym for a great workout but soon I found myself learning the art of boxing

What were your fitness goals prior to joining and have you achieved any?
My fitness goals included getting stronger in my upper body and abs and luckily I am on the right track!

Since being a client how has boxing/fitness helped change your life?
Since going to the gym boxing has taught me about discipline, mental and physical fitness. It has also taught me to be more confident in myself too!

What can you tell potential clients to expect when coming to your gym.
I can tell potential clients to expect to put in a lot of hard work but also to realize that they are surrounded by a family off sorts.
What other sports or activities do you enjoy?

I do enjoy playing basketball, football, snow boarding, and track.

Where do you see yourself in the near future? 
In the future I see myself as a successful man in the court of law. I would also like to grow up to be strong mentally and physically.