Youth Fitness Boxing Lessons


Youth Fitness Boxing Lessons

Youth Fitness Boxing Lessons are a great way for kids to get into shape, develop better balance, footwork, hand-eye coordination, self discipline and build confidence to better themselves for the future world we live in.

1 hour
Ages 4-14
Depending on class size, they are led by 1 or 2 gym instructors
Class capacity exceeds no more than 14 kids

What parents can expect from our classes:
15 minute warm up that ranges from jumping ropes, push ups, and jumping jacks. Then kids will learn the fundamentals of boxing by wearing our boxing gloves and hitting heavy bags. They will play fun team games while working hard with 2 minute rounds and 1 minute rest. After 30 minutes of boxing, they end with 15 minutes of conditioning.

Youth Personal Boxing Lessons are also available. For questions please email or call us at 508-861-7368

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